Enjoy Making Money
Achieve Financial Freedom

AssetClub brings you the most realistic investment experience by simulating real-world opportunities and events based on real-world data

  • Learn The Wealthy Mindset

    Build a correct investment pattern
    find the key to financial freedom

  • Enjoy Making Money

    Embark on real-life journeys to invest and earn, and to taste the achievements and joy that come with it

  • Savor The Meaning Of Wealth

    Build wealth not only for a better life, but also to build self-esteem

  • Connect With Other Wealthy Minds

    Get to know and to be known by folks who share your passion for wealth, time and quality of life

Game Modes

  • Journey To Financial Freedom

    Single-player mode that gradually gets more challenging as you progress

  • Online Matches

    Compete with other players online to achieve financial freedom first

  • Leaderboards

    Top 5 players in each leaderboard will be awarded

  • Tatters & Equipments

    Randomly appears during the game, totally eight types of them

  • 22 Occupations

    Embark on your journeys with different occupations with different salary and monthly expenses

  • Wealth Circle

    Like, comment and post pictures in the in-game social platform to interact with other players

About Us

Welcome to AssetClub! Our vision is to expedite the arrival of the global digital asset era.

AssetClub is a game platform that integrates blockchain technology. Designed to demystify the intricacies of digital asset investment, our platform offers a gamified, intuitive journey for users. This game is a testament to our commitment to simplifying complex concepts with cutting-edge technology, making the world of digital assets accessible and engaging for everyone.

Our team consists of veteran game developers, blockchain experts, and leaders in the financial industry. As a team from Hong Kong, we inherit the city's spirit of innovation and open attitude in a global context. We believe that by combining gaming and education, we can more effectively advance the public's acceptance of Web3 and digital assets. AssetClub is not just a place for entertainment and investment but also a space for learning and growth.

Join AssetClub to explore and experience the limitless possibilities of digital asset investment and advance a new chapter in the era of digital assets.

  • bender@assetclub.io